12-bedroom HMO Out of Former Dementia Care Home in Portsmouth

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A FORMER dementia care home in Portsmouth was approved to be converted into a big house of multiple occupation with 12 bedrooms.  All the bedrooms will be with ensuite bathrooms – as well as a kitchen and dining area and laundry room.

And as it happens quite often, the application came with the objections from nearby residents who had fears it would affect on-street parking.

But the councillor Terry Norton voiced those fears: ‘So there are 12 bedrooms with potentially 24 cars and only one parking space.

‘How would they decide who got that space?’

However, Cllr Donna Jones said: ‘We are always worried about parking but I’m sure as a care home it gathered more cars with the patients, relatives, doctors and nurses coming and going.’

Robert Tutton, who was speaking on behalf of the applicant at the meeting, said: ‘It is right on the route of a regular bus service. It’s a very sustainable location.

‘Transport planning is satisfied that an HMO would not have a material impact on parking.’

Councillors agreed they would likely lose if they refused the application and as a result, 4 voted in favour of the application and 3 against.

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