14 Tenants Approved to Live in Wrexham HMO

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The application to increase the number of people leaving in the house in multiple occupation in Wrexham approved. Landlord Andrew Shields is planning to create seven double bedrooms at a property on Erddig Road to boost the number of residents from eight to fourteen.

Previously in September, his application was not approved due to concerns over a shortage of parking spaces on the road, which is close to the city centre.

But now their decision has been overturned by a planning inspector appointed by the Welsh Government.

Claire MacFarlane in her report is saying that most people living in HMOs did not own a car and would use other methods of travel instead.

HMO Jargon

HMO Jargon

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She said: “The appeal property is located within relatively easy walking distance to Wrexham town centre, where there is access to a range of services and public transport.

“As such, I consider it to be a sustainable location where residents would not necessarily be reliant on car ownership to meet their everyday needs.

“Taking into account the parking requirements of local planning guidance note 16, the evidence of a generally low level of car ownership in HMOs and the sustainable location of the appeal property, I consider that any additional parking demand resulting from the proposed increase in residents would be limited.

“Representations from local residents indicate that the surrounding area experiences a high level of parking demand and, although there was little evidence at the time of my visit to indicate it is an area of parking stress, I acknowledge that this will vary throughout the day and evening and in response to occupancy levels.

“Although an increase in parking demand can result in inappropriate parking and impede the flow of traffic, in the circumstances set out above and having regard to the unrestricted nature of parking in the surrounding roads, I do not consider that there would, in this case, be significant harm caused in respect of highway safety.”


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