8-bed HMO out of Terraced houses in Wisbech

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The terraced houses in Wisbech at 26 and 27 Alexandra Road was given permission to scrutiny over applications to validate both as houses in multiple occupation (HMO).

Guy Wiffen has won consent for No 26 to increase from six to eight the number of occupants after opening talks with the council for 12 people to live there.

Next house No 27, Philip McGriskin amended his proposals after showing that it had been used as an HMO for several years. So now he’s got permission for nine people to live there.

HMO Property Insurance

HMO Property Insurance

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“The minimum room size restriction imposed by the licensing regime would automatically restrict occupancy to a maximum of nine adults, four double rooms at ground level and first floor, and one single room at the first floor,” said council officials.

The landlord’s agents claimed to the council that the property has been operating as an HMO since 2011 and previously had 11 residents. After the changes in licensing law he applied for 11.

At No 26 house Mr Wiffen tried to make possible 12 residents live there but following talks with the council dropped it to 8 occupants.


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