HMO in Dalkeith have been approved above the Royal British Legion

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It has been claimed that young people who move into shared accommodation can’t afford cars and rely on town centres to avoid isolation.

Plans to turn a three-bedroom flat above the Royal British Legion in Dalkeith town centre into a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) for up to 10 young adults, were approved after the applicant argued it would not need parking spaces.

The council instead was told that the eight-bedroom house will be a starter home for young people so they have a chance to develop and live in cheap housing.

Parking space policy of Midlothian Council requires additional spaces to be provided for new homes.

The agent of the property applicant at Buccleuch Street said it was not anticipated the tenants of the flat would own vehicles.

He said: “To consider that the proposed tenants, who are in a situation where they have to live within such tight budgets, would be in a  position to afford and run vehicles is erroneous.”

He added that ensuring young people were close to amenities and support as they start out in life was important to avoid leaving them isolated.

“Indeed it would be anticipated, by the applicant, that any young person who found themselves in a position where they were to become more financially viable, that their first consideration would be seeking their own private accommodation and not remain in a house in multiple occupation.”


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