Landlords urged to license their HMOs or face enforcement action

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Cambridge City Council is reminding the landlords of HMOs to ensure their properties are correctly licensed – or they could get a fine or prosecution.

The changes were introduced in October 2018 it has been mandatory for landlords of HMOs in Cambridge to have an HMO licence if all of the following apply to their property:

  • It is occupied by five or more people as their only/main residence across any number of floors
  • Occupiers form two or more households
  • Occupiers share a toilet, bathroom and/or kitchen.

Now there are currently 664 licensed HMOs in Cambridge, but there still are landlords of many other properties that haven’t so far come forward.

It is an offense for an HMO not to be licensed, and landlords of unlicensed properties could be prosecuted or being fined up to £30,000.

Over the coming months, the council will put more affords to make sure that all HMO properties are being operated legally, and provide Cambridge residents with a safe home that meets all necessary standards.

Landlord supposed to check with the council even if the HMO doesn’t need an HMO licence. Further guidance on this, further details on HMO licensing and how to apply for a licence is available on the official council website at:

Cllr Richard Johnson, Executive Councillor for Housing, said: “We would urge any landlords of HMOs in Cambridge who have still to correctly license their property yet, to do so as quickly as possible.

“The vast majority of landlords operate in accordance with the law but the council has a duty to combat poor practices and will use enforcement powers where necessary to ensure the safety of tenants in the private rented sector.

“If landlords or tenants have any doubts or concerns about the licensing of their property, please get in touch with the council for support and advice.”

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