Plans to create a 7 bedroom Broughton HMO was approved on appeal.

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Flintshire politicians did not accept proposals to extend a Gladstone Road property in Broughton in July, they said it would effect on the appearance of the area. They also added that it would have a negative impact on road safety.

Chris Walsh, who entered the plans launched an appeal against the decision, has now been given permission to go ahead with the development by a planning inspector appointed by the Welsh Government. Iwan Lloyd concluded in a report that it would not have a negative social impact on the area.

“Given the variety of appearances of houses in the area there is no one distinctive character trait to follow.

“The residents and the council are concerned about the intensification of the use given rise by the proposed physical works to the property.

“However, there is no specific reason for refusal on the nature and type of proposed use.

“I conclude that the physical works are acceptable, and the proposal would not harm the character and appearance of the area.

“The site is in a sustainable location, and there is no compelling evidence to indicate that the parking demands would not be met on site.

“I therefore do not consider there would be a deficiency in the provision of parking spaces on the site.” – he said.
Mr Walsh made an application for costs against Flintshire Council as a part of the appeal.

On the other hand, while he overturned their decision, Mr Lloyd said the planning committee had not acted unreasonably.


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