What are the associated costs?

We charge 2% +vat payable upon successful completion. Due to all the moving parts and increased complexity HMOs take about 2 to 3 times as much effort to sell when compared to single dwellings. Thats why local agents fail at getting the job done. About 90% of our business comes from people that have been on the market with a local agent and failed.

Are there any upfront costs?

No, there are £ZERO upfront costs.

What are the benefits of using an HMO specialist?

The main benefit is that you will have 100% HMO expertise from start to finish from a specialist HMO sales company that has handled over 450 HMO transactions in the last 10 years. Check out the benefits section to see them in detail.

Is there a contract?

Yes we have a standard agency agreement template which has an intial period of 16 weeks. It details what your expectations are of us, and ours of you, and it makes doing business clean, simple & enjoyable for both parties. Feel free to contact us for a copy.

What happens if the property doesnt sell?

If the property doesnt sell then you pay £ZERO and you are free to move on and forwards in whichever way you like.

How does the process work?

We operate a regular property agency model, where we work for you to maximise the potential value of your HMO in todays market. We gather all the data, conduct a valuation, put the property to market and get it sold. Simple.

Is selling an HMO complicated?

Yes. HMOs have many more moving parts when compared to single dwellings (normal properties). Our mission is to simplify the process by breaking everything down and giving you maximum transparency along the way.

How quickly I am likely to sell?

If the property is priced correctly it should get a sale agreed within 28-56 days of going to market. It has been as quick as 7 days, but also sometimes things do take longer. With the correct pricing 28 days is very possible.

Once I have a sale agreed, how fast will the transaction be?

HMOs have more complexity associated with them. HMO licensing, planning, management, fire safety etc so they typically have more legal work associated with them and can take a bit long. With cash purchases, the average time to go through conveyancing is approx 6 weeks start to finish, but does vary depending on complexity. With mortgage purchases the additional element to factor in is the valuation, which can take from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the availability of a surveyor.