How do i get started?

Simply fill out the form on this page and book in for a discovery call with us to see how we can help you.

How are you different from a traditional estate agent?

We are both different and similar to local agents. 90% of local agents HMO transactions are unsuccessfull because they dont understand HMOs properly. 90% of our HMO transactions are successful because we have intimate knowledge of HMO properties and the HMO sales process. Feel free to compare the differences here.

Is there a fast cash purchase option?

Yes we have excellent relationships with professional property buying companies and cash only funds. This solution is really for people who really need speed and certainty. In exchange the price you will be offered will be less than what you will be able to achieve on the open market. We will help you manage this process to ensure you get what is promised.

Any other tips on what to expect?

Yes there are plently and we have seen in all in our 10 years of selling HMOs. Our friends over at HMOhub have put together this handy guide to help you understand the process further.

What documents will I need to prepare?

Any good quality buyer will want to see most of the following so best get your documents ready as soon as you can. HMO Floor Plan, Building Regulation Certificate, HMO Planning Documentation Fire Alarm Certificate HMO Licence Certificate Electrical Safety Certificate RICS Valuation (if available) High-Resolution Marketing Photos Rental Schedule Management Contract (if using a management agent)

Is there a contract?

Yes we have a standard agency agreement template which has an intial period of 16 weeks. It details what your expectations are of us, and ours of you, and it makes doing business clean, simple & enjoyable for both parties. Feel free to contact us for a copy.

What happens if the property doesnt sell?

If the property doesnt sell then you pay £ZERO and you are free to move on and forwards in whichever way you like.

How do you value or price the property?

We have 10 years experience pricing HMOs to get them sold, but normally we are led by owner. We can give you our indications but the choice is up to you. Vendors often know more about the local market conditions than we do.

Where do you advertise?

We advertise to our membership base of over 5,000 active HMO investors. We also have access to all the major property portals including rightmove, zoopla, primelocation and many more.

What are the benefits of using an HMO specialist?

The main benefit is that you will have 100% HMO expertise from start to finish from a specialist HMO sales company that has handled over 450 HMO transactions in the last 10 years. Check out the benefits section to see them in detail.