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Eight 1-bedroom and 2 2-bedroom flats have been proposed for the site. A former care home is approved to become 10 new flats despite parking issues and neighbours’ objections.

The change of use of the former Southwinds Nursing Home in Chase Road, Burntwood, was approved by Lichfield District Council’s planning committee last week.

But committee members heard there were objections to the plans from Burntwood Town Council and several local residents.

Laura Ennis, the councillor, said: “We have had 21 neighbours and residents who are not happy with what’s going on with the plans – mainly about highways.

“Highways (authority) have said they do not mind and there are no issues but highways don’t live there and see the problem we have on that road. Depending what way you come down from there is a bend just before this and we have had an accident on the bend not too long ago.

“It’s a very busy road and we have buses and lorries down there all the time. I’ve seen two buses come along and have to mount the kerb.

“There is one parking space per flat – if there are two people they may have two cars. If there is not enough parking where are they going to park?

“The road opposite has double yellow lines because it is just before a bend. You can’t park at the shops because you are only allowed to park for one and a half hours and there are cameras.

“The other thing that has been brought to my attention by residents is that apart from down by the shops there are no flats in that area – everything is either three or four bedroom (houses). We don’t know if these flats are going to be to buy or rent or the people who will be there.

“You can’f ignore the fact that 21 people have complained – to them it is a worry about what is going to happen in their area.”

HMO Planning Permission

HMO Planning Permission

HMO Planning is the formal permission from a local authority or council, for the erection or alteration of buildings or similar development, for the use class HMO, C4 (Small HMO)  or Sui Generis HMO (Large HMO)… read more

But the agent, who was speaking in support of the application, Damien Field, claimed: “There were suggestions that it was for a halfway house for rehabilitating offenders or single mothers or (people with) drug issues. This is not the case.

“These are flats, they are not bedsits and it is not a house in multiple occupation. These are flats with their own facilities.

“Even though we are not required to build to a minimum space standard the majority of the flats are well above the minimum requirement suggested. All the works are internal from an architectural point of view.

“The original application was for 11 flats and a large dormer at the back of the building, which raised some objections from residents in the houses opposite. Having spoken with the planners we have taken their advice and taken the former out of the scheme.

“That has the benefit of reducing the scheme down to 10 units, which has helped us with the parking arrangements; one parking space per dwelling with three for visitors. We are fully in line with parking requirements and we are not proposing any new access.”

The application was recommended for approval and committee members unanimously approved it.


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