Northampton Council HMO Licensing Robberies.

In this complete and ultimate guide to HMO property, we give you the principles on of HMO property from A to Z.

One of the Landlord Associations has agreed they’ve failed Northampton Landlords and should have done a better job. It is known now that the Northampton Council Licence fee is the highest fee in the East Midlands.

“An HMO licence fee of £1,269 – comprising a first payment of £546 for the processing of the licence application and a second payment of £723 for the administration and enforcement of the licensing scheme – will be payable for an HMO that can accommodate up to 5 persons. If an ‘Early Bird Discount’ is appropriate, the size of the second payment will be reduced by £250.”

HMO Licensing Ultimate Guide

HMO Licensing; the Ultimate Guide 2020

HMO Licensing is the legal system used in the UK, by a local authority or council, to prescribe standards of safety and amenity of a licensable HMO property… read more

Page 13 and 14 are shocking.

  • £75 + PLUS VAT for the council to help the Landlord with their form.
  • £150 + VAT for inspection.
  • £120 for variation to a Licence. This can be if you are not managing them yourself any more and are being even more responsible and giving a Letting Agent to manage, the Council charge you too.
  • £270 for the council to come  and check your home when you wish to help out and accommodate a refugee. Which the other side of the council are desperate for Landlords to take.

This is becoming a proper License to print money and the Government needs to make some changes.


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